Monday, June 7, 2010

Spring in Potsdam





alt stadt

A few glimpses of my trip to Potsdam. Been trying to find the words to tell you about it, but need more time so will do it tomorrow.

More photos over at the Enchanted Garden
Enjoy your evening


Line said...

these shots are gorgeous, I would love to go for a bicycle ride!!!

painted fish studio said...

ooooooo, potsdam! such a lovely spot. my sister took me there when she lived in berlin. i loved it! your photos are so pretty!

t does wool said...

ooh...what a beautiful place,Aisye~!

Anonymous said...

See this video ,it's about my country PORTUGAL :

jane said...

with such beautiful pictures- no words needed:)

Cindy said...

such a gorgeous place!. i love all of your photos and would be hard pressed to choose a favorite. words are not needed, we get the picture!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I just love that second image. I'm new here - so I'll go check out the Enchanted Garden now.


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