Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Corner View


Bliss is little nuggets of complete happiness. A moment where time stands still and a small event prevails and brings happiness.

Weisser Flieder

Like discovering Little details that take a way my breath,a unexpected air of perfume of a beautiful flower, discovering a wonderful book, being enchanted by a great piece of art, talking until dawn with friend, a smile with love, sharing a great meal or a good cup of coffee.


sometimes its discovered through solitude but other times only possible in the company of a beloved.


All of this I had on my recent journey. Meeting with dear friends there I haven't seen in far too long, but it was like we only parted yesterday. Enjoyed great meals and wonderful talks, found two beautiful books that speak to my heart (and are in German, such a treat to read in ones mother tongue) was enchanted by the spring blossoms all around me and their perfumes. Enjoyed quiet morning walks just with my camera, was touched by the amazing history and architectural beauty... it was simply BLISS!
as I was looking for words to describe my travels, Jane placed the word right into my lap with this weeks Corner View. Thank you, Jane!
want more bliss? visit Jane's for a list of blissful blogs!

(visit the Enchanted Gardens for more photos of Potsdam)


Lollipop said...

oh yes! that's bliss!!!

jane said...

sounds absolutely perfect:)

Maryline said...

Beautiful reflexion in the water !!

Valerie said...

a very good definition of bliss !
wishing you lots of blissful moments

Cindy said...

sounds and looks divine!

;) said...

Thanks for the journey !! And these beautiful shots !

That's bliss !

nathalie et cetera said...

how I love the reflection in the last photo!

aimee said... have the most beautiful skies there...


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