Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Creative Space

Busy with gilding the porcelain pieces for some new jewels....
Then its back to the workbench again

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Creative Space

new yarn

I was given this beautiful yarn by my friend A.
She saw it and thought of me. It's by my favorite yarnie... (which she did unwittingly) and its grey! sigh!
Well, she does know me very well. :)

It is kinda too hot for me to knit at the moment, but I am browsing patterns instead and planning what I will do with 500m of this gorgeousness... one of my favorite things about knitting. At this point in time I am thinking a cowl.. any ideas or suggestions?

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pretty Ugly

scaffolding love


I have a thing for scaffolding- which is by now public knowledge- and pretty ugly things. You know when its so ugly its cool again? Especially if it's architecture. I kinda love these two buildings - their total lack of beauty make me wonder what was the architect thinking... But the utter ugly structure transforms into a really pretty pattern... which I kinda dig. Guess that makes me kinda weird? Or I unwittingly got what the architecture was trying to achieve?
Nah, I rather stick with being kinda weird

Happy weekend!

PS: I got tons of photos I haven't shared during my long absence... so be prepared for an overload of my photography 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Creative Space

 When I saw the planner Alisa did, I was totally inspired to do my own.


So I took an old folder


divided it up


made monthly diary pages


added a section for notes
a space where I jot down ideas for blogging


a place to keep photos,
an address section and some nice sketch paper


 space and place for everything!

e voila! my 2013 planner/journal


its a work in progress that will be finished by the end of the year
more creativeness in the new year can be found over here

Monday, January 7, 2013

Review of my year

review of 2012

2012, I am afraid to say was really not my year. In many ways it was rather a difficult year. Around here I have been a total slacker last year. I am however hoping to do better in 2013- and not just as a blogger.

Despite many obstacles there have been plenty of good moments in 2012! Which is what I wanna keep in mind.
One of the greatest gifts in 2012 was an e-reader. It changed my reading life! Gone are my long quests and waits of finding certain books in Cape Town. Because let's face it I do live at the end of the world- a great end it might be, but when it comes to books, not that fab. One click and a couple of minutes later I can read a newly released book. Tuesdays have become great days! I've been writing a book blog for the last few months. 2012 has been an interesting journey through 150 books...
My last travel adventure in 2012 was to the oldest desert in the world. It's been an amazing trip and I will spill the beans over at Nomade's dwelling in the next few days. Naturally I took hudreds of photos...
At some point I felt a bit stuck with my photography in 2012. I did get a second hand DSLR, finally. Which changed my entire photo experience. I did finish my 52 project and am pondering if I should do one for this year as well, just keep the blog and keep posting?
This was also the year I tried my hand in porcelain. It has been a challenging but increadibly interessting journey. One of the least forgiving but most rewarding mediums I ever worked with.

I kept not one single New Years resolution in 2012- so I made just one this year:

Live in the moment and BE grateful!

Naturally I do have a few projects lined up,  as well
Hope you had a good start
Happy 2013

Friday, November 9, 2012







Monochrome City dwelling

Some snaps taken over the last few weeks. I'm enjoying the light the fair cape is sporting these days and love watching the Capetonians  relax while enjoying the wonderful weather... Hello Summer!

Enjoy your weekend!!


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