Sunday, June 6, 2010

Review of my Week


Review of my Week -W22

Already back for a week?! This weeks was spent catching up with admin and trying to get adjusted to being in late autumn...
Cape Town is more and more catching football fever- I am watching it with much amusment and know that I will be one of the few who won't catch it.
The buttons are my newest treasure and were made by ubertalented Cape Town artist Jesse. You can get your own unique handmade ones at her shop.
Finally managed to edit my photos from my trip and will post about it tomorrow.
click here for a sneak peek

I am going back to my very own Linzertorte (going to Germany does really make me feel like making cake) and coffee (ditched the hot chocolate for something stronger)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend


avant garde design said...

lovely wrap up of your week, those buttons are gorgeous! as usual, your pictures are beautiful too. :) enjoy your week ahead!

Cindy said...

oh, i do love those buttons!


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