Friday, June 11, 2010

Let the games begin!

fan fest


Worldcup fever


worldcup fever

While South Africa has been completely taken over by soccer fever and the whole world is watching this beautiful patch of earth, I am not so sure about the whole ball-game-thing. I doubt it will change. I won't suddenly thing:"oh how wonderful they a tooting the vuvuzelas" - No! I wont! But I do think that this is a wonderful place and its people are even better! So this is in honour of all the wonderful South Africans out there:
linking up South Africa for this weekend

Apartment Therapy
all South African

City Guides for foreigners and locals alike

Must have bags

Etsy gorgeousness home grown

and one of my fave blogs, written right here in Cape Town

Do you know any good SA links? Pls leave a comment and I wili add it to my list
Enjoy the games and your weekend (hope mine will be a bit quieter than just now)!


Cindy said...

it is so exciting! happy weekend! hope you score ;)!

nathalie et cetera said...

the party is on here too! all eyes are turned to South Africa. So many tv and radio specials on your beautiful country. On the radio this morning, all they were talking about was the sound of vuvuzelas. Enjoy the games!

blue moss said...

our family is soccer crazy....and we are so enjoying seeing south africa in all the coverage....wish we could be there
enjoy the games


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