Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Corner View


is a long distant memory....

since the cape is in the southern hemisphere


we still enjoying the last of summer

but slowly

march lilies
with the blossoms of the march lilies

the show of the salvias

heather bathing the mountain flanks in colour

the grass going into seed

seedpods bursting open


Autumn is making its way to the cape

and just in case we managed to miss its supple arrival a drop of 10C made sure we all aware that summer is leaving us!

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jane said...

those are some serious flowers you´ve got there! here´s to a loooong summer:)

Line said...

these flowers are so exotic, enjoy summer!!

Cindy said...

i love your exotic flowers and feel the heat of your warm summer.

Leenie said...

Thanks for giving us a view from your side of the big blue water planet. Your autumn is gorgeous. Now how about letting US have a peek at the sun? We still have snow in our forecast.

Julie said...

That grass going ot seed is so pretty! Lovely seed pods too!!! I know you will be loving the cooler weather of fall.

Angie Muresan said...

What a lovely walk through the flowers of your departing summer. I bet autumn will be a cozy one. Happy Easter to you!

Valerie said...

to tell you the truth i was really hoping you would participate to this corner view so that i could come here & take my dose of sun, colors, flowers !! and i'm not disappointed ! how beautiful are all these flowers, mostly unknown to me !
thank you !!!

Theresa said...

Amazing flowers!

Lollipop said...

enjoy those last days!

Kari said...

beautiful and exotic flowers.
thanks for sharing.

Grace said...

Love your photography. That protea pic is gorgeous!! I really love the change of season. I'll come and visit your blog again, it's really interesting.


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