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safety pins

Yesterday I visited the Spier Contemporary 2010. It is held in the Cityhall and the use of the space is amazing! I have to admit that I am a bit biased, I love the Cityhall. But the mix between modern art pieces and the old building doted with fabulous views of the mother city is spectacular. The exhibition is open until 14 May 2010- and if you happen to be around Cape Town, you definitely should make some time for a visit. The pieces are all by local artist, some new some old- I really like the way they are put together. Sadly I know very little about South African Art, but after letting all the impressions settle in I decided I will go back again, and try and get one of the friendly and helpful guides to give me a tour...
There is a lovely coffee shop and a little art shop- which by the way stock the most fabulous jewellery and also the gorgeous things of this lovely lady

So I treated myself to one of Heathers purses!
If you wanna see some more photos around the cityhall visit my new photo blog.


nathalie et cetera said...

J'adore aussi! Very nice visit. thank you!

Leenie said...

One those things that I really miss. I have to travel quite a distance to see many art exhibits. No much art is ever brought within driving distance for public view. I have to be content with Mother Nature's display and they are often quite spectacular. Still, I appreciate your sharing the creations of artists in you location.

Anairam said...

I am SO glad you reminded me of this! Am editing next week and the week after but I'm pretty sure I can sneak in a visit to town. I loved the Spier exhibition last year - but why have they changed the venue? Not that I'm complaining - City Hall is closer.

t does wool said...

gorgeous light in those images the bag...have a beautiful weekend~

Theresa said...

Awesome. Thanks for the photos. I miss museums. We have none here. Come see/hear our music giveaway.

;) said...

J'adore aussi !!!!

Line said...

J'adore, lovely lovely visit!!!


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