Monday, August 31, 2009

Review of my Week

Review of my Week 34

This week seems to have established that Spring has moved into the Cape. (I truly hope that it will stay)

It was a week full of baking, really into it at the moment. And being ever experimental the week started with Strawberry tarts -simple and easy, yet delicious- went over pecan,cranberry and chocolate cake to chocolate & coffee gateaux -chocsponge, coffecream, chocolate mousse covered with a dark chocolate canache- and ended with white chocolate, marzipan (made by moi) & rose mini cakes.... this week I am thinking black forest gateaux and taking some photos
I am still infactuated by yarn! Been knitting a lovely yellow pair of socks. And also trying my hand on writing my own pattern- will have to tell you all about it- on Wednesday

How was your week? 


Alexandra Hedberg said...

my week was rain and the first smell of autumn. My week was paperwork and meetings. This week is going to be picking mushrooms in the forest and starting out in my new studio.

Anairam said...

Wow - all those cakes sound divine! Do you have an outlet? I went to a meeting at the Book Lounge on Saturday and bought the most delish and decadent chocolate cupcake there. I almost had an accident driving back to S'Town and trying to eat it at the same time!


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