Saturday, August 29, 2009



Weekword: AROMA

This weeks word was Aroma. And the first thing that pop in my mind was coffee- so thought i'll take a photo of a good cup of steaming coffee... that clearly didnt happen
Then suddenly yesterday I remembered my student years- we had to make flavourings- or as we called them aromas- like fish or onion, my worst was strawberry, because it doesnt smell or taste like strawberry and the sweet smell makes me feel sick. And worse having to learn all those formulas- most of which i have forgotten
So today i painted- the bottom thing- stands for the cup (aka coffee), the funny bobbles is an imaginary formula- but the colours are for the aroma and its nature. Aroma travels and unfolds spreading itself... opening up a world of experiences and memories .....and then slowly vanishes.

If you want to get more aromas visit Caroline, she has a list of wonderful wiffs!


aimee said...

pretty! you're doing a lot with your watercolors these days!

Caroline said...

I like this - very inventive - that's definitely an aroma wafting there!

Cindy said...

very creative ... scent is tricky. enjoy your weekend!

Linda Sue said...

I LOVE this illustration! Brilliant! Science meets art meets coffee...very cool!
Aroma's can be absolutely sickening- my friend makes incense- her sniffer is broken I fear- the incense becomes more artificial and nauseating as she goes...ICK.

Anairam said...

This is a lovely well-thought-out painting! I love the colourful trailing bits - like steam from a cup - indicating the actual aroma and how we experience things, and the combination of that with the scientific facts that lie behind everything we experience. Very clever!

avant garde design said...

it's raining and stormy here with remnents of a tropical storm battering out coast line and this image is making me want to hunker down for a cup of really good coffee. :) i love the post below too of your spring photos. so clear and beautiful. still summer here but fall is on it's way, more leaves are falling and the feeling in the air is switching. but that's ok too! happy weekend!

Veja cecilia said...

memories is very important when it comes to aroma. Sometimes smelling something can make me remember my childhood and those glimpses are just great.

Aris said...

I am loving your watercolors!


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