Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Viewing Glass


Photography has become a really important part of my creativity- it started last year (march 2008) when I discovered the life in the rocks pool in False Bay. I took my dinky little point and shoot and started snapping- to my surprise I discovered that I am not half bad and also that I really love taking photos. It is has become a medium that is close to my heart and a big source of inspiration. When I go on my photo sessions - i forget everything and I am just senses and immerse myself into my surroundings. The worlds starts to become a place of utter beauty and wonders. I often feel like an explorer discovering wonderful new things- seeing a new detail being amazed by something ordinary. Photography is a sum on my reflections on creation and is very meditative. (or at least I try to capture my reflections!)

Because of all this I started a second blog (the viewing glass) dedicated to Photography.... and am now wondering if I should discontinue it. I was thinking that it is a bit much to keep up two blogs on the one hand. On the other hand (and that was one of the reasons for starting a 2nd blog) I feel I am already a jack of many trades and wonder if I am not a bit too much all over the place? So felt keeping at least my photography separate would make it more streamline...Its a dilemma!

What's your advice? 


e said...

i follow both of your blogs, and i don't think consolidation would make you too all-over-the-place. just my little opinion.... p.s. certainly don't stop posting photos either way!

t does wool said...

I love them both Asiye...consolidation would be fine...I agree...but keep the photos coming!

Cindy said...

maintaining two homes is a lot of work. i would love your photos to be included on l'atelier! makes sense to me. lots of creatives do many things.

yoon see said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on mine:)
I understand how photograhy can make wonders!
Keep up your good work as you have found somethings that you love doing it again and again!
I will be back to check your previous entries:)

Jesse said...

I agree - putting everything in one place makes sense. Especially if it means you'll be able to take more photos!

Christie Minchew said...

I've had a similar dilemma recently with my etsy shop(s). I make purses and hats. Then I started doing wet-felted pieces more for home decorating. I decided having them all in one shop would be confusing, so I opened a second shop. After almost a year, I've decided to close the other shop. I just didn't seem to be "able" to put an equal effort into two shops in order to keep interesting. I can barely keep one blog going, so I am sure I'd be abysmal at two :).
I am new-ish to your blog, but I've really enjoyed it. Why do you blog in the first place...and will having two blogs be the right thing for your objective for blogging? I'm thinking that doing a second blog to organize yourself, your activities, probably won't really accomplish making you less scattered :). You know yourself, and the reasons you want to blog, best. If doing two blogs makes life 'better' and accomplishes your objective better than one, then you've got your answer. But it sounds like that's not so much the case...? Good luck with your decision. I it's not easy. Either way, I hope to see more of your photos. I do enjoy them.


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