Wednesday, August 26, 2009



First Blossoms

Oak Blossoms


The first signs of spring are popping up every where!


christina vosloo said...

Is'nt it amazing, nature awaits impatiently for spring in a bloom of colours unnoticed.

Cindy said...

yay! i love the red!

Anairam said...

Your photographs are fantastic, as always! I especially like the red-leafed one, and the the second with the first blossoms of spring peeking out - yayy! (PS I so love what you wrote on my blog - yes, you can call many places home, and how narrow-minded of people not to see that! And I did not know about the 40-days thing - that is truly lovely. I really hope that you are going to call Cape Town and this weird place called South Africa home for a very very long time!

yoon see said...

They just popped my eyes too!
Love the red, pink, creamy white, green...
Just very very pretty!


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