Monday, August 24, 2009

Review of my Week


Review of my Week 33

This was a fast week- and i seem to miss 2 days, on Thursday I thought it was Tuesday, and today feels more like Friday...
It certainly wasn't a boring week- everyday was different... and actually rather busy
The weather was also really full of surprises, from storms to spring all was on the menu.
Tuesday was the stormy day- and since I was still in recovery I stayed home.
Thursday was definitely the get it done day- I managed to get all admin for the week done before 3 and was able to go for a tea held in honour of S and her new baby boy and dinner with O.
Friday was social day, croissants and coffee with O, Lunch with R and Z, coffee with my girls, dinner with friends.
Saturday was all about wool and knitting. I met up with Carle and we went to Orion.I will tell you what she has been up to in the week. From there we went to the craft meeting, which was fabulous as usual. Were invited for dinner.
Sunday spring day- went for a walk, made strawberry tart, visited friends. The spring flowers are starting to blossoms and silly me forgot to charge the camera batteries!! hopefully the weather is good tomorrow I am itching for a photo session- the light is beautiful at the moment!
Oh did I mention, I somehow lost two days? Looking back now, I realise I can't for anything remember what I did on the other two days!!!
How was your week?
Enjoy the rest of your weekend


Cindy said...

yes, please charge that battery. we want to see spring flowers ;). i love this set, especially the unfurling fern.

Anairam said...

LOVE that photo of the fern (It is a fern, isn't it?) Your week sounds lovely - just filled with the right amount of good stuff! I am becoming more and more hermit-like as I get older - I spent the entire last week seeing no-one (except for L'Usband, of course). And I cannot remember what I did! Scary!!

We Blog Artists said...

Sounds like you had a lovely week.
BEAUTIFUL the mist on the mountains and the soft against the harsh stone and concrete.
Have a great week.

aimee said...

isn't that interesting, how quickly we forget what we did just a few days ago? at the time it seems like we'll remember it forever, and then *poof* it disappears...


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