Sunday, July 5, 2009

Review of my Week

Review of my Week

A week of glorious weather has passed by. It even was 26C! So I am very happy on that front, and feel as though I completely succeeded with my autumn embrace...But deep down and in all honesty I have to admit I am not sure how I will deal with the next cold weather, rains and storms that are inevitably going to be sent to the Cape from Antarctica.

We had several dinner parties at ours, which meant I spent a lot of time cooking, and my pet hate: washing dishes. I have decided to make my life easier next time by creating much simpler menus... (honestly not sure how successful I'll be at that)

I finally found a charger for my camera! (Friday evening) so; Saturday I went on a little photo session in Company Gardens and then to the South African Museum. The results are in the mosaic above.

A quick word about the stichmarkers: I decided in the end to give all the lovely ladies some. I had plenty and didn't mind making a few more. They were all sent on their way and I hope they will reach their new homes soon.

Today, (Sunday) went to Klein Constania for a brunch-pick nick with friends. Then Lunch at Z.

I got to admit that I somehow don't have a lot to show this week, which is odd, since I have been rushing around and doing tons of things all week. Just nothing really interesting or productive. (except cooking up a storm) So my review leaves me baffled actually. It doesn't sound half as stressful as my week felt?! Because trust me I am sitting in my Lounge chair, feet up recovering of my boring admin week!

I do feel really inspired by my photo session yesterday, and am going to sketch a bit...

How are you going to spend your evening?


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Anonymous said...

I love the photos of the oak leaves and that hibiscus. Beautiful! So glad you found your camera charger.

I am going to spend my evening on my beanbag, casting on some booties for my soon-to-be-born second cousin, maybe writing up some notes for the thesis chapter which I will re-enter again tomorrow, and get ready for the next stage of the Tour de France - love that countryside.

Hope you have a lovely evening, and thanks for the stitchmarkers - they will be used and cherished! is there anything from this side of the world you'd desire?


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