Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Letting go & taking a journey

It all started with this


I was touched by the quirky beauty of this ancient giant. While I was wondering what he might have seen, and how old he might be. I also realised that here in Cape Town not many signs of the season are to be seen other than on this fellow.

With my attempt to embrace autumn, which in this weather is a walk in the park, the oak trees have stuck out, their autumn colour show is gorgeous and since lots of tree are ever green around here, they are of the few celebrating autumn!
This led to me taking (tons of) photos of oak trees and leaves in last few days.

autumn colours

Yesterday I started painting into my notebook that has been laying around for months... ( instead of cleaning)

autumn painting
I really enjoy it, but it also made me aware that I have no experience in painting!
Today I added another little painting

I decided to see where all this takes me and just go with the flow. Will try and paint a little sketch everyday...
There will be more autumn photo daily over at the Viewing Glass.


Cindy said...

wow, your paintings are really wonderful! i love the details in the tree trunk and the blue umbrella!

Jesse said...

I'm jealous of what you can get watercolours to do! Looking forward to more paintings!

aimee said...

i hope you share more of your watercolors - they are wonderful!

nathalie picked the weekword this time at

hugs :)

Charlotte Tollstén said...

Great paintings!!
I find watercolours so difficult to work with...

Anonymous said...

For someone who has no experience in painting, your sketches are pretty awesome. Watercolour is HARD to control - good for you!


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