Friday, June 19, 2009

Raveling, getting carried away and a give-away


First the photo of  the finished socks. It took me about 5 days to make the pair. And love love love them, they feel like lovely clouds on my feet.
Spurred on by the two consecutive successes I had knitting, I went to Orion to get more of Carle's sock yarn

Carle"s Wool

This is what I got, it is still in my knitting basket though, I didn't cast on yet. I also picked up a ball of Adele's Burgundy- Brown DK. The colours were nice so just got it.

Adele Brown-Burgundy

When I came home I decided to make a Clapotis with it. A project I wanted to make ever since I joined Ravelry. I did a gauge sample and loved it. So I marched (literally and in the rain!) back up the mountain to Orion to get more of the red bundle of gorgeousness only to discover someone else had bought every last skein at the shop. My disappointment was short lived, and I forgot about the Clapotis the moment my gaze fell on a lovely aubergine coloured merino-cashmere-silk aran from Sublime.

June Lady Sweater

Which I decided should become a February Lady Sweater. I wanted to try a top-down knit. Finally cast on last Wednesday, and am nearly done with the Yoke. But since then I have come to the conclusion that I will change the pattern. Still working it out, so you will have to bear with me, will keep you updated on my progress. For now its just a bundle of garter stitches

June Lady Sweater

The clapotis had its aftermath though! Since the pattern asked for 18 stich markers and I had none, they don't sell any at Orion,  so I started making some....


and got a wee bit carried away!

Carried away

So I decided to do a GIVE-AWAY
Leave a comment, tell me what you knitting at moment or what you want to do next, let me know your favorite colour (I'm sure I got every colour in the rainbow ;) )or you can also chose a mix of colours. I will draw a name next Friday (26th of June). 

Good luck!!!


t does wool said...

ahhh..lovely choices...and you MUST do will love,me,I have cast on a rolled neck pullover in a cotton,perfect for the oldest girl ;)

Anonymous said...

Goodness! You have been busy!

A clappy is a must - they're so easy and so versatile. I have one in bamboo for summer and one in wool for winter, and the yarn for another two.

You sublime is also so gorgeous, that's going to be such a lovely FLS!I look forward to seeing it as an FO. :)

Moi? I've a Riding to Avalone in RYC Cashsoft DK, A hemlock baby blanket and my eternal Ene's shawl on the go. Hope to have them all done soon!

And all your stitch markers look lovely. Always something to get carried away with. ;)

strikk handknits said...

say hello to roger for me next time you're at orion ;-)
loving the sublime and the colour you chose.
and your socks look fabulous and warm and comfy.
um, not sure what i could post for the win - i'm always knitting so its not really fair (although for the record i'm finishing of 10 hanger covers, one cushion and just making another cable cushion - i'm loving cables....
and now i've really posted too much on your coments ;-)

Aris said...

Okay let me first admit I don't knit, not that I haven't tried it comes out curly and crazy I make mistakes that I can't get out of... So I'll stick to what I know. I do however have a friend that knits beautifully and she would love these so should my name be drawn I will pass these on to her perhaps it will encourage her to join the blog world with all of us.
Anyway they are lovely and I will never stop being amazed that lots of soft lines can come together(in the right hands) to create warmth and beauty, amazing. I love the power of line.

cindy* said...

i don't don't enter me...

however, all the yarns are lovely and i am sure your socks are fantastically cozy. beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love the socks! And the pinky brown yarn is gorgeous - too bad you couldn't get hold of any more. I adore your stitch markers - what a great idea!


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