Thursday, June 25, 2009

Embracing Autumn


Live in the moment!

For a while I have been trying to live after that motto. Because it's so true. On the surface so simple and easy. Not so easy to achieve though. Ones mind always wanders, one always wishes to be somewhere else... and misses the small miracles and beauty in front of us. In these rushed times I feel I get often carried away, forget to notice the details, forget also to enjoy the beauty of each moment and with that miss so much life brings. I truly believe that each moment has its benefit, difficulties bring reflection and gratitude for what one has. Good times bring good memories and the strength to brave the world and difficulties. And what is life other than many moments lined up together? So I have been trying to be in each moment, take its benefits and enjoy its (sometimes) hidden beauties. I also believe that when I do that I am more grateful, less forgetful of others and content. 
In this light I have , after some contemplation, been searching for the beauty in the autumnal rains and storms that have been sweeping through the Cape. The grey and wet weather makes me want to hibernate, or better even run away! Armed with my lumix, wellies,and umbrella i brave the rains and go out. - i have to mention that a raincoat would actually much more helpful since the winds here finish off any umbrella in a Bries, literally- 
Pottering through the rain last Tuesday, made me think of my childhood. How nothing could stop me going outside, how i used to enjoy the change of season, and how i loved discovering stuff- i guess i haven't changed that much. So I have embraced autumn!

At least I decided to try to embrace Autumn. Not quite sure I'll be ever in love with the cold and wet weather it brings. But I am making myself see the beauty and yes, live in the moment!

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I will be posting autumn photos here and on the Viewing Glass. Or you can just directly visit  flickr.


Cindy said...

your post is so touching as you reminisce and try to live in the moment. it's not easy when our minds wander. sometimes, i think when we take photos, there's a bit of a disconnect. there's a barrier at the time. it's interesting how it's summer here, but our weather isn't much different than what your experiencing.

please sir said...

Very touching and love that you are embracing it!

t does wool said...

love your words...the photos are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this post. I try to live as much in the moment as possible too, and sometimes it is just so hard! Thanks for the reminder!


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