Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Look what the wind brought in....

look what the wind brought in!

well to be exact the postmen did bring me a piece of paper, which stated that there was something at the Cape Town Post Office waiting for me.
After some investigations (never was at the Post Office in Town) I was off, braving the winds and rains. And at the Postoffice I was handed a big white envelope. When I saw the handwriting I immediately recognized it. IT WAS FROM AIMEE. It's the first parcel I gotten since I live in Cape Town. How cool is that?
I couldn't wait to arrive at home, so I went into a coffeeshop to open it, since it was raining outside. And this is was the envelope had held;

a packet from artsyville

Two pieces of Aimee's gorgeous Art! I feel so lucky to have them and been bouncing around ever since. ( the grin in my face will take a few days to vanish)
Already found a place for both of them... just need to find the right frames.


Hope you had a wonderful day, will tell you about my trials to embrace autumn (and its rains) tomorrow


blue moss said...

so fun.....nothing like a happy little package :)

Anonymous said...

How exciting! They look awesome!

strikk handknits said...

how cool is that ;-) and i like the message as well - a great reminder.

aimee said...

yippee!! glad the sailed over the seas in one piece... :)

painted fish studio said...

getting a package from aimee is such a joy!

t does wool said...

gorgeous prints!!!


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