Sunday, June 28, 2009

Review of my Week

Review of my Week

Autumn is here and Winter is coming quickly!

Cooking was big this week, I helped out a friend on Wednesday and Saturday, doing lunch as a sous-chef. I had forgotten how much work it is, and how long it takes to make custard. But being back in a kitchen made me think of my time in Scotland and the Chef I worked with there...
Thursday: I was invited to have lunch there as a treat for helping. I have to say eating it is nice than cooking it ;)

Monday: went to the leather wholesalers and bought not leather because I couldn't decided what I wanted! There are so many beautiful skins around at moment.

Tuesday: walked up the hill to Orion.... I know i said I wont ever do it again, but I ran out of wool for my cardigan and really want to wear it. I was so tempted to buy other wool, but was a good girl and only got what I needed.

Friday: O's Birthdday, girls lunch, Dinner at Haiku with O. He didn't want to have a big Birthdayn nor any celebration or gifts but asked me if I could knit him something( on thursday night). So we just had a great dinner. I did make a mini hat( fits my little finger) as a voucher for a real size one...

Today we went for Breakfast upstairs, by the pool and later I took a walk to my favorite Coffeeshop, sat quietly knitting and enjoying coffee by myself. I just need a bit of a break. The rest of the day I took very slow....

I really am enjoying Autumn now- and guess what?! Most leaves have fallen and the storms are coming- a sure sign of winter!
How was your week?

Enjoy the rest of Sunday


Cindy said...

it still looks pretty with all those shades of pink. happy birthday to o!

Anonymous said...

I miss Autumn and Winter in Cape Town. The driving rain for weeks on end - the lush green grass, the avenue of leafless oaks in the botanic gardens, walking along Bloubergstrand with the iron grey sea and the steel grey sky crashing against each other and finding gaps in the rocks amongst the sea foam being blown about in the wind.

And the winter food that comes with the cold season - samosas, bobotie, brightly coloured curries and steaming mugs of rooibos after braving the wind. I've never found another place that does the cold seasons quite like Cape Town.

Anonymous said...

The mini hat as a token for a real one is a great idea! Sounds like a good week.

strikk handknits said...

love your photos this week.
well done on only buying the wool you need....i'm proud of you ;-) will mail address later today - excited ;-)

aimee said...

you are SO good with the camera! it's funny to hear about 'winter arriving' when it is blazing hot where i live!


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