Saturday, September 20, 2008

Way to Earring

Much Earlier on I decided  that I would use Waterplay as an inspiration. I went on discovery tours taking lots of photos and journaled them. 
I regularly look at my photos. I also always sketch, I have a little sketch book that goes everywhere with me. So i usually doodle or sketch where ever I am. I try to keep this habit- it helps me journal ideas but it also keeps me actively looking at my surroundings and appreciating them. And I often get more ideas through sketches, or develop designs through them.
The Reason I use a theme for my ranges is simply that it somehow pulls together. Otherwise it would not be a range but rather different pieces and ideas. Which sounds not like a problem but trust me it is- while I am trying to concentrate on this range I am already thinking about other ideas and designs. Well i think to much.
 I am busy with two pairs of earrings and they could have not been more differently come to life. I will blog about the first pair later- I only finished a single earring, will report once i finished the pair. 
Second pair:
I haven't gotten very far with them, got a bit stuck. You'll see with what in a minute.
The earring idea came about when I found this Shell piece in a local shop:

 The Shell beads really reminded me off the following photo. I also had this little rings laying around, from a earlier project. 

I decided to make it a charm like Earring, and went into my treasure box to find more beads that pick up the colours on the photo and in the Shell.

But this design was too pretty for me. My Waterplay range is rough beauty- just like the Rock pools here in Cape Town. They are rough but intricate and filled with incredible beauty, and they also so colourful and full of rough but beautiful shapes. That's the feel my Jewellery is giving when one looks at it- well at least I hope so.
After leaving it for a day or so i changed it to the following combination:

But again, I was not quite happy with it. Left it for another day and came up with this:

And here is why I am stuck- 
I only have one of those yellow Jade beads in that size left. Have bigger Jade beads but they are too big and would be too overpowering. So I went off to my suppliers- and they haven't gotten any Yellow Jade at the moment.
After being quite irritated by it- and leaving it for another 3 days. I pulled myself together and found a new design:

What do you think? 


El Notable said...

Wow! i like them a lot! great work!

Sofia Kemm said...

Your so sweet!...lovely photos by the way!


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