Monday, September 29, 2008

From sketch to Ear

I mentioned on my last post that I will blog about the other earrings. It took me so long to do so, because I haven't actually finished the second earring until now and when I did my last post all I had to do was to polish the second pair. (So you can figure out for your self, how much I have made in this week)
This earrings started off as a sketch, then i was thinking using  of a pearl in middle. The sketch was inspired by the patterns of sea urchins, since they are in shades of pinks, purple and red, I decided to go with my beloved sponge coral beads. 

Sketch to Ear

And here are the finished Earrings:




Mrs.French said...

they are are so talented!

avant garde design said...

really beautiful. thanks for popping by my blog, i'll be checking back to see your new creations! i love the choice of the coral bead, perfect.


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