Sunday, September 14, 2008


Inspiration is a very important part of being creative. And everybody gets there inspiration differently. I get inspired by looking at other peoples works- even different crafts, seeing beautiful things inspires me. And I discovered that the Internet is full of amazing Artisans, I love browsing and finding amazing blogs and websites. 
Then I also get inspired by museums and books- any kind of them. I find ancient cultures and history amazing and tantalising.
I get also inspired by life, feelings, smells  and memories,they inspire me, but I honestly find it hard to translate them initially- but after a while they creep suddenly into my work.
Lastly and most importantly I get inspired by nature. Looking at creation is and always has been most amazing to me. It startles and excites me! Every time I go on discovery tours- which in this year have become photography sessions-I am uplifted and excited. A friend of mine called it playing. As in child's play- and honestly it does have that quality. I always did it- just now with a camera, before that with a pen and a sketchbook... but in the beginning just for the sake of discovering.Because there is always something to discover and something beautiful to see... it can be the shape of a leave, the colours of sea urchins, patterns on the rock, a lizards skin glistening in the sun- anything! We are surrounded by astounding beauty, we just have to stop and look!
On one of my walks I found this plant (I dont know what its called) - I call it boble plant:
Arent the colours amazing? Love the pompoms , their colours and texture and the plant itself is delicate, its like lace and pompom - ah I wish I could knit a neckscarf looking like this!


sarah shepherd said...

Amazing plant ... I imagine South Africa is a very inspiring place.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you about the need for inspiration. Being a creative person adds so much richness to life, I think. Just seeing that amazing photograph in your post will add something to my day today, I know I'll be thinking about those stunning shapes again. But sometimes I think the drawback can be that we are more thin-skinned than our non-creative counterparts. Thanks for posting this!

? said...

this is incredibly good...hope to see you around sometime


Nature is very inspiring to me, too. Towns, too. Sometimes it's even overwhelming to find that much inspiration in just everything and often I simply forget about many ideas, too. The camera helps to remember. Doing a quick not, too...
A scarf like that plant would be interesting!


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