Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not much not say

At the moment I don't have much to talk about. I have many excuses, but I am in the middle of moving house, and got no studio space either! Am looking for a place to work because the new place has definitely no extra space- especially for jeweller making. I decided to  take this time of constriction with a portion of humor and use it for filing, sketching, ordering and researching.
I actually had this fantastic idea to make little booklets of my inspirational photographs - since i like having something physical to look at sometimes. And this is the result:

They are A6 sized so really nifty to put into any bag, and they addictive to make! I started with the Waterplay one, then made one with the flowers of the Cape and now I'm busy with my third one allreay. Decided to keep this going for the future, they will build a nice little library of my photos.

I finished the Recycle Scarf. It took me ages - well it felt like it at least. The yarn I used was from a vest I had made two years ago. After wearing it for two winters I decided that i didn't like it anymore and unravelled it, which took me an entire day. I just crocheted away mixing different patterns and colours.

The third thing I can talk about is my lovely little keyring/charm, which is made out of scraps literally. The stuffing is from clipping from my crochet, the backing is a bit of left over felt and the front is from a clear plastic bag.

I do really like it actually. And now that I'm looking at this blog I don't feel quite a terrible about being unproductive, and will go back to sketching tomorrow with a smile.

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