Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The thing about being MIA, I got not many excuses. Well, actually I  have a whole list of them. But honestly, they all not totally valid. Truth is I have had absolutely no blogging mojo.  Yes, I have been extremly busy, rather sick most of August and I have been re-shuffling things. BUT I have been there before. I was truthfully contemplating to actually call it a day, consider to take leave of this space... After going through a few weeks of doubting my exsitence of talent in the artisan field, I came up with the conclusion, well I am not THAT talented, which isnt news to me. I am a jack of all trades, again no news. BUT I AM OK WITH THAT. Because I really enjoy it.
So here i am again, after I having decided to go on with my musings.

I have re-shuffled things a bit. Trying to bring more clarity to my jack of all trades situation... so bare with me. I am going to be done hopefully by next Monday. *and this time its for real!*

Visit 52 for a little review of my year. 

See you soon again


Jesse said...

I'm glad you didn't decide to call it a day with blogging! Who says you have to be brilliant at only one thing? It's a different kind of talent to be able to be good at a lot of different things.

Cindy said...

i think you're multi-talented and should blog when you want to.

Miren Iriondo Photographie said...

love your blog!


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