Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Creative Space




For the next month I am concentrating on my porcelain project. So, many more wonky bowl and plant paintings will be featuring round here in the near future. It also means more broke pieces, endless hours of painting, more research into glazes and oxides and more experimenting. I am really excited to go on with my porcelain discovery journey.

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painted fish studio said...

your work is beautiful! i love it! show us more!

nathalie et cetera said...

it is absolutely beautiful! Love this!

Cindy said...

your porcelains look wonderful and remind me of shells. enjoy your weekend!

avant garde design said...

hi! sorry i haven't stopped by in a while but i did want to say that your porcelain pieces are outstanding, they are completely beautiful! i can't wait to see more of your porcelain discovery journey. ;)


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