Monday, December 5, 2011

Lazy Day





Fridays is usually a day of socialising round here. I always go for lunch with some girlfriends, have either dinner with friends at home or out and over the course of the there are lots of coffee drunk.
This Friday however was slightly different; since O had just come back from an extended business trip we were planning on spending the day together. We were thinking of going to places and doing lots of things...but instead we ended up just relaxing at and around home.
I felt like a being a domestic goddess so while O was sleeping in I made some organic sourdough bread. We had a lovely brunch. I went for a stroll in Company Gardens taking a few photos, we enjoyed a couple of coffees at Deluxe Coffeeworks and I made a indulgent dinner. Rib-eye Steak with truffles (you see one of his stops was France), Cafe de Paris Sauce, steamed potatoes, asparagus and a huge mixed salad. For desert we had fresh berries and cream. It was all in all a lovely lazy day.
I meant to blog about it on Friday- but I ended up being too lazy....
Hope you had a great weekend!
Happy Monday, xo


avant garde design said...

wow, as i take a look at your last few posts, everything you are creating is just so beautiful. really, just gorgeous! your lazy day sounded lovely. i too love going out for coffee, especially to a great book store. wish i could meet up with you in s. africa for coffee! ;)

aimee said...

these are delicious photos! i love lazy days!

Cindy said...

you are so cute ... i can't imagine 'making bread' and 'lazy day' being included in the same sentence. looks and sounds like a lovely day and i love the flower in the second photo - african lily?


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