Thursday, December 1, 2011

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It's done.
My Namaqualand Shawl
I ended up doing the border 4 times- because I wanted some yellow in it- but not too much and also wanted to in cooperate the 10g of luxury yarn that comes with the Sock Club
What I learned doing this shawl:
  • Loopy picot cast off
  • 4.25mm needles with the Nurturing Fibres Super Twist Sock Yarn works the best for me for shawls
  • And patience and perseverance will be rewarded. I was after the 3rd time rather disheartened... it just didn't come out like i wanted it too-- then after a few days break of it I did a fourth time with the perfect (for me) colour choices. I am glad I did.
More details can be found on my project page

I know I will wear it often-- when Autumn comes along that is- for now I am packing it away and enjoy summer

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Julie said...

wow, that shawl is so pretty. the green is amazing!

Cindy said...

i don't know what any of that means :), but i do know i love green and your shawl. enjoy your weekend!


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