Friday, September 16, 2011


winter whites

Winter Whites

The photos were taken a few weeks ago on one of my walks in Fernwood. The place was covered with a sea of white flowers and the air was laden with the scent of them.
As I looked at this incredible show of winter blooms , it struck me how different the winters here are to my native country Switzerland. The thing they have in common... they have both white winters, well I guess they are a slightly different kind of white.....
Happy Weekend


strikk handknits said...

so lovely.
love how you've set out the photos with the colours below :-)

Balaphoto said...

Magnific pictures!! Excellent!!

Salut, Francesc

Unknown said...

I love these cute flowers!

Cindy said...

the fragrant flowers were daffodils and they are so pretty in that natural setting. yes, winter does take different forms. enjoy your spring weekend!

magnusmog said...

I love that smell. We'll have to wait a few more months too see them over here though.

mikka said...

Beautiful colors - that seems like a wonderful 'white' winter to enjoy :)


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