Thursday, September 15, 2011

My creative space

my creative space

my creative space

my creative space

my creative space

This is a classic case of never-say-never.  Because after my last baby blanket, I said that I won't crochet another one except for my own baby....
... And here I am, crocheting a baby blanket. It is a joint venture with my dear friend R. and a surprise for the expecting mum  (I know she doesn't read blogs- definitely not mine, so this is completely safe from being a spoiler..)
While future mum is really into pink for her baby girl... I really didn''t wanna go the barbie route. So we decided on three pink/fuchsias (last pic) and added neutrals, green and blues. We chose 9 colours in total. I really like the deep colours and think that it is girly in a sophisticated way. We also decided to make tiny squares, for a more whimsical look - which in my opinion is totally girly.

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un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo said...

gorgeous !!! i can't wait to see this finished and love to see you back xo
I tried to post @ our creative spaces and although it is sept 15 here in france, it says collection is closed... so i was wondering if it's a matter of time zone or there's a limited number of creative seats now ?!
happy crochet my friend, this little girl is going to be spoiled !

Cindy said...

it's not girly at all - i love granny squares!


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