Monday, October 3, 2011

Review of my week(s)

the promenade
The promenade and I

The last few weeks I have been rather often on the Promenade walking or running... well, to be exact walking every single day for 45-75min and about 3times a week training to run 5km.
Until last Tuesday morning that is: the fateful day I managed to loose my car key during my run. It was the only key for the car, and a huge number to get a new one ( and not a small expense which my husband has managed to remind me more times than I would care to count!)
So while I have been busy with lots of admin work - really quite boring stuff the reason I never found time to blog was because I was running around - literally. You see my one hour walks have become like therapy- I discovered that while walking I somehow manage to empty my brain of thoughts that would usually still be there in the middle of the night stopping me from sleeping.
I got a new key today- and will be back at the Promenade tomorrow for my download walk... but I also have reshuffled my days so I should be able to posts around here again (oh and there is the fabulous pre-schedule-thing so I can guaranty there will be a post latest Wednesday ;) )
I hope that you had a wonderful time while I went on my walking holiday!

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