Monday, December 13, 2010

Review of my Week

Review of my Week

It was a week of contrasts, happy tidings dampened by very sad news, tons to do but still managed some me-time, city dwellings and a trip to the Silvermine, lots of reading and thinking got done, while my creative side managed to get nurtured too....
But one thing stuck out: it was a week that flue by in a blink of the eye.


Dionne said...

Good to hear about the happy moments, but I am sorry about the sad news!

I hope this week is all positive, no sadness.

Cindy said...

i'm sorry about the sad news, but everything else looks lovely, especially your new banner. xo, c

Anairam said...

Yes, your banner is beautiful and your review of the week mosaics are always amazing. So sorry about the sad news.
PS Are you still at the NMP address? I'm sending a little bit of paper your way!


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