Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Enchanted Gardens

Every year late spring/ early summer I get enchanted by these


red Gladiolus

Wild Gladiola

Wild Gladiolus


sword Lilies


They are known as Gladiolus, wild Gladiolas and also as Sword lilies. A incredible 250 species are native to South Africa. They are so elegant, so delicate and incredibly colourful, even some of the more delicate hued ones. I have been admiring them everywhere, from the city centre to nature reserves, on the mountain and even o the side of the highway. (shhh don't tell anybody i made a photo there!)
I honestly prefer the wild ones to the more sumptuous carefully bread ones.
Guess what my sketch book will be filled with...


Cindy said...

these are lovely gladiolas! the colors are wonderful!

;) said...

I think I get enchanted as well by your beautiful photos. SOS Spring ;)

avant garde design said...

wowzers i LOVE what you've done to your blog! your background, your header, super gorgeous! i've been so busy with classes, haven't been by in a few, but catching up on your posts now...these flower images gave me a boost today. it's about 25 degrees out, soooo cold, and the ground is so winter hard, hate it! for now, i'll enjoy your beautiful blooms ;)

t does wool said...

gorgeous place...and happy new year asiye~


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