Monday, November 1, 2010

Review of my Week


Review of my Week -W43

A week full of sunshine, lots of pondering, long walks, coffee time with friends, sketches for Moleskin Exchange, plenty of time spent recovering of cough and flu (nearly there, only a bit of coughing left), knitting, research at the library,a clay cafe morning and finishing it off with some chilling with the girls. And best of all hopefully the week summer arrived!
How was your week?


Cindy said...

get well so you can run and jump and play. ok, just get well so you can continue to show us your pretty spring and plain old feel better. love the blues!

Deborah Mannella said...

to be honest - my last week was awful! siro, alessia & hansueli where sick! I only catched a cold - no time to be really sick! now, this week startet pretty ok - hope this is it! love your pics - beautiful!


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