Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Yesterday while browsing in a book store I stumbled over this book. The thing that drew me to it was its cover, more than its title: The Last Letter from your Lover. (For a great review visit here)

It made me smile. I have told two of my friends to write love letters in the last few months - Not that I have ever written one myself- I just think that sometimes sitting down and writing ones feelings down is easier and also makes it some how more solid. It was written after all. Also thinking about it & taking the time to write it, makes things more clear to one self, one can re-read and edit it, until it says exactly what one feels.
Writing letters is such a joy, choosing the paper, pondering over the words, writing it, putting it in an envelope, posting it. I love to lick the postal stamps- always am disappointed if they just stamp the letter rather than putting on colourful different stamps.
Oh even better is to receive a letter, the anticipation , wondering what it says. The sound of opening it, then finally holding it open and the joy of reading it! Ah- I miss letters.While emails sort of do the same, you can't hold them. Well, beat me- but it is not the same.
I miss letters, I used to write tons of them. I used to have pen pals all over the world and used to write post cards to my friends from my holidays or write my girlfriends just because. Now I very rarely do write one- I live so far away, that it seems to take forever for it to arrive. And email is so much faster. Thanks to the Moleskin Exchange I get a envelope every few weeks and spend some time at the post office, it gives me a little compensation for the near letter-less life of mine. But seeing the book reminded me, I miss Letters, and you?
So if you would like to get a letter, email me your address and I shall write you one...


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