Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Corner View


is done allot by me (probably too much). The best way to reflect on things is on long walks, just my camera and me...

Signal Hill

Funky Town


Like yesterday in Moullipoint.
I am pondering over my self at the moment. Where I am, where I come from and whereo, I want to go- how to get there. I have been doing this for a few days, after my walk with Lumix (my camera) I made a list. Lists are always good, a beginning to actions. So hopefully I will move to new ponderings in the next few days...
like the wonders of seasons, shapes of leaves, politics, the light, times, philosophy - oh there is so much to ponder on!
What have you been pondering on lately?

More Corner View


Theresa said...

Really nice, reminded me of northern Cal.

Skylar said...

Love the last photo! The water's so blue! :)

stephanie levy said...

so gorgeous - your photos are truly beautiful!
I am pondering where I want to go with my artwork during the next year among other things :)

rachel awes said...

i love long walks & pondering!!
a sampler of mine lately...
the deep mystery & gift
of love & connection.

aimee said...

oh, you live near water... i miss living near water! gorgeous photos! :)

Anne Marie said...

Nature always is a good place to ponder about bit and thing in our lives


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