Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Corner View



In Cape Town Autumn, unlike in my home country Switzerland, is very subtle. You have to watch out for it other wise you missed it and its winter....due to this most people base seasons around here on the Calender. So on the 1st of April its Autumn- But Autumn like all the other seasons does not keep to calenders- so here are the signs of Cape Autumn:


suddenly the rains start again


the summer flowers are spent


the light becomes softer and the colours brighter


seed pods appear


Salvias and Proteas bloom

oak leaves

and the surest sign of autumn is the oak leaves are falling

but that seems a small eternity back- it is late spring in Cape Town at the moment!
so it looks more like this around here:


(more Cape spring in Stellenberg on Enchanted Gardens)

you can find more autumnal gorgeousness Corner Views visit here


Francesca said...

Fabulous photos. What is that beautiful fan-shaped yellow leaf in your first photo? Enjoy your late spring there!

Don said...

I am enjoying your autumn photos...they have a beautiful stillness.

Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

Lovely selection of autumn colours and photos.

Theresa said...

So different from anything I have seen. Wonderful.

painted fish studio said...


Isabelle said...

love the 1st shot ... gingko biloba leaves are beautiful

;) said...

Perfect graphic novel for a beautiful season (and corner).

Mari Mansourian said...

hi there, :)
lovely images for corner view

la ninja said...

so would love to experience autumn in april and spring in november :)


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