Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reflections on a sunny Sunday






On Sunday I went with a friend for to visit Stellenberg Gardens. It is only open for one weekend of the year, and I try not to miss it. So we wandered the gorgeous gardens, enjoyed the sun, admired the incredible details of the plants, talked about gardening, were amazed by the design and gardening techniques, had tea and cake, met the gardeners, bought a few plants and took photos.

Well, I took lots and lots of photos, only to discover I am not very good at taking photos while talking allot and making others wait. Mr.O is so used to my camera antics now that he just sits down on a bench until I am done or keeps himself busy in some (honestly) to me unknown way. As I was editing the photos- well, most of them just went straight to the bin - I was astonished how many bad photos I took, how many were ok, but just that little bit off, they could have been nice, but I missed it somehow. Simply by not concentrating enough.

Photography relaxes me, it helps me focus and discover beauty and interestingness around me. It has always been a very private thing though, a moment of how I see the world, an attempt to capture that moment at least. And I often do it alone, always quietly. When I take photos its just what I see and feel, nothing else. That moment, the light, the smells, the colours - the miracle of that moment.

Hope your weekend was sunny, too!


Cindy said...

i think you've got plenty of lovely photos ... we get the picture! i'm not a good photo-taker with anyone other than scott. he and mr. o would keep each other company and we're lucky they're so patient. i'm not sure i would be ;).

Jesse said...

I think, just like when you're drawing, you have to take a lot of bad pictures to get a few good ones! These are beautiful - I can almost feel the sunshine on my skin.


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