Monday, July 19, 2010

Review of my Week


Review of my Week - W 27

This was a week of recovery. In every sense. O is finally starting to recover. I had to recover myself somehow. Sounds odd, I know, but with the two weeks of difficulties I somehow shut down me. So when I found a moment I felt rather uninspired and mostly empty and tired. Today though I got thoughts about being creative popping in my head again, and I think after a long walk I will be just fine again. All back to normal
It was a week of grey and bright colours. And Mandela's Birthday ended off the week... but I will tell you about that later in the week.
Enjoy your monday!


Linda said...

I am so glad O is recovering and that you are feeling inspired again. Thank you for the lovely words you left over at my blog:) Beautiful photos, I love the snowdrop and the yarn:)
Take care

Line said...

glad to see you recovering great pics !!

Cindy said...

i would never have known you had a tough week and felt uninspired from your lovely photos. glad you and O are on the mend!

strikk handknits said...

aah, isn't life about cycles indeed - glad to see the recovery side though and lovely collection, as always :-)


You've been too busy to realize how exhausting those weeks were. Take long walks, breathe deep, take it slowly and watch out for those blue skies :)
Take care!


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