Monday, July 12, 2010

Review of my Week


Review of my Week W27

Apologies! I have not been very often around here this week. Mr.O had a knee-op the week before and after initial great recovery there were quite a few complications last week. So I spent a lot of time worrying and nursing. He is a bit better now and I hope finally he will start to recover from it. I will come around your in the next couple of days and read up what I missed.
Enjoy your week


Cindy said...

i hope mr. o is feeling better. knee troubles can be very painful. thinking of you both!

Julie said...

Praying Mr. O will be perfect after getting through his knee ordeal. Take care and see ya around later.

Line said...

I hope mr. O feels much better soon!!

t does wool said...

hoping Mr O recovers completely very soon.
great collage as always ;))

Anairam said...

I hope Mr O is doing well. Your week, though stressful, seems to have been filled with some beautiful moments as well! I particularly like the two tree shots!


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