Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Corner View

Saturday on Green Market Square

Greenmarket square

Cape Town was a buzz with Soccer Fans and Locals alike. The World Cup has kept us all guessing and everybody got pulled into it....

Before Saturdays Game (Argentina-Germany)


There were Vendors selling African and Soccer Memorabilias

looking for the vuvuzela

allot of Fans buying Vuvuzelass
I am afraid to say, locals and tourist alike have taken to this disturbingly noisy instrument... the vuvuzela is here to stay!


some Kapies (cape towneans) discussing, who to support


a Girl wishing for an African Beaded Neckless
..and trying to convince her parents to buy one

taking photos

and then there were some odd people just taking photos. ;)

you can find more at Jane's


Don said...

Thanks for the Saturday visit to Green Market Square!

Dorte said...

Wow ... thanks for sharing. Nice shots :)

Lollipop said...

beautiful B&W pictures...
How is it possible to BUY vuvuzelass ? ;-)

nadine paduart said...

nice reflections, i say. love the b&w on your images. good thought.

aimee said...

you have a gift with black & white photography... i really want to try it now! i haven't taken b&w photos in years!

avant garde design said...

there must be a wonderful vibe there in capetown. i must visit one day, i really must. america is out of the games, but i still love seeing who is still competing. it's fun for the whole world i think, kind of like soccer olympics :)

Cindy said...

buzz, buzz, buzz - oh those vuvuzelass - poor you! i can't even spell it without cut & paste ;). i really love your street scenes. they're terrific and so are you. enjoy your weekend!


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