Monday, June 14, 2010

Review of my Week


Review of my Week

The World Cup has arrived in South Africa and it plunged (nearly) everybody into Soccer Fever...
Winter has also arrived here, which I am trying to face bravely and without moaning - but am plotting some secret escape plans. I am dreaming of traveling to exotic places and of travel photography.
Winter has brought also great shadows. The light is so amazing at the moment and every time the sun shines even only for minutes I am running around with my camera, snapping as much as I can. Been taking B&W photos, and decided that this week should be the B&W-week...
Enjoy the rest of your day!


Alely said...

wow, it's hard to imagine it being winter right now when we are right in the beginning of our hot summer here. love the weekly recap in pics!

Cindy said...

i'm definitely paying more attention to the world cup because of you. your week looks vibrant and lively that's for sure!


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