Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On my bench

New Necklaces Desert Bloom

sketching protea
Protea sketches

There is a lot happening on my bench; a steady progress in production, working out designs, making photos, sketching, doodling ideas. All happening just as it comes. And in the middle of my creative chaos things get finished and slowly a new collection is growing. Honestly it does amaze me- sometimes (in the middle of the night when i am too tired to work but cant sleep) I just look at the pieces and slyly smile before packing them away again. Oh, but hush, don't tell anyone!

There is one piece that doesn't make me smile much- no rather has left me at first a bit desperate, then baffled. Remember the 'lily of the nile' pendant? I did find faceted amethyst- but only 8mm. What I really wanted was 4mm faceted amethyst. I did get the 8mm beads, but not sure if they aren't too big.

pendant version 1pendant version 2

What do you think? The photo 1 shows the 8mm amethyst beads,while photo 2 sports 4mm smoky quartz beads.
Which got me thinking - maybe I should ditch the amethyst idea and just get beautifully coloured 4mm faceted beads- in a different semiprecious stone
Any suggestions?


Julia said...

What about putting the 8mm amethyst on individual wire link things (no clue what the technical term is) so they are spread out more? The extra air space would make them feel more delicate, perhaps. I do like that colour with the silver!

Anonymous said...

The silver and amethyst is stunning. Maybe you want two or three of the 8mm beads on either side of the pendant and then silver chain? The 4mm quartz beads do look gorgeous though. And I am quite smitten by your pendant. Where do you sell your jewellery?

Cindy said...

i like both colors, but the 4mm faceted beads seem to be a better size for your pendant. everything you make is so beautiful and consistent with your aesthetic. certainly, your color palette. enjoy your weekend!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

ooh I love photo 2 with the smaller beads. Very, very pretty!


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