Sunday, April 25, 2010

Review of my Week

Review of my week -W16

This week was filled with celebration. four birthdays and a wedding, oh hold on, no actually there were five. All this celebrating got me all caught up in eating lots of delicious things and all my blogging plans went out the window. I thoroughly enjoyed being spoilt the last couple of days and really am glad that O is finally back from his business trip.
I am off to read blogs, answer emails and brace myself for the back-to-normal week ahead.


Leenie said...

Hey, thanks for taking the time to edit and share those gorgeous photos! I really want the fresh sugared berries. Love the bee working in the rose. Would like to know more about the textile with all the knots and textures. Have a great week.

avant garde design said...

yeah for you having all of that fun! sounds like great food and drink were had by all :) those raspberries with sugar and pretty pink flowers are all scrumptious photos! enjoy your week...:)

Cindy said...

oh wow, you are such a party girl! i love your mosaic, especially all the photos with blue in them, which is almost all of them!

RosaMaría said...

lovely mosaic!


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