Friday, April 16, 2010

Linking up the Weekend

wild geranium

This post was meant to be published yesterday and got tons to tell you about, but I never got round, to sit collect myself and think in English.
So I am postponing Jewellery update to Monday, a post about South African Art to Tuesday, oh and I also wanted to share my last Kirstenbosch experience- well I guess it will make its way here next week, until then enjoy the photo I took there. It is one of my favorites of that day.
I have been reflecting allot on a couple of posts I read this week. And firstly would like to link you up but also share my thoughts with you, and would love to hear what you think about them.

The first post was Aimee's 'Mess Makers'.
It really struck me, I love the way Aimee writes, she is an increadibly talented artist and has so much wit and humour. The post really made me think about the way I work. My creative work was always totally unstructured, I just did what ever inspired me in that moment. So this year I decided to try and structure my work, theme it on a monthly basis (under the main theme: enchanted garden), mainly because I thought it will make it more accessible to others, and hoped that the result will be a more rounded collection. Having worked like this for nearly three months, I more and more come to the conclusion that while on the photography side of it, this is really working, on the Crafting side I seem to block myself by putting on to much pressure. So gradually I have been relaxing about my own time limits and am getting into a nice work rhythm. The post did remind me, not to take my work to serious, and tell my perfectionist self to go take a walk...
How do you keep working?

The second post was Jesse's 'Fabric Folder Tutorial'
Jesse has stacks of talent and never fails to amaze me with her work. I love that she shares her expertise so openly. While the post was really interesting ( do hope she will make folders and sell them to be honest, because her hand printed fabric is super gorgeous!), her link and her thoughts on copy, influences and originality was the thing I have been pondering over for this couple of days. Still processing lots of it, but basically I came to the conclusion that I am influenced really strongly by well: all of YOU. More and more so, because blogger's like Jesse and Aimee inspire me with their work, but more so by their support. It is really great to meet Artist who are helpful and supportive of others, and I do believe that my work has become better because of all of you.
What are your thoughts on this?

Any interesting links or posts you found this week? Please share it with me!

Oh and last but not least don't forget to leave a comment here to join the give-away, I will draw and announce the winner on Sunday.

Happy Weekend


nathalie et cetera said...

i really liked Aime's post too. gave me food for thoughts.
i enjoy every post from alexandra's art as business

Cindy said...

i enjoyed aimee's post, too. i think we should go with our natural instincts, but i'm often afflicted with the 'grass is greener syndrome' and question myself by comparing how i work to others. it's good to be aware of new things, but probably best to incorporate some of them into our natural flow rather than make a radical change and take on all the pressures that go with it. looking forward to what's up next. xo, c

jane said...

i love aimee too. not only is she an incredible artist but her writing just blows me away. there is never a wasted word. i´m now going to check out jesse. thanks! have a great week!


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