Thursday, April 8, 2010

When to stop


I had my nose glued to the work bench in this last week, busy working away on some 'lily of the nile' and 'desert bloom' pieces.
Been planning on posting round here for the last few days, well since Sunday to be precise but several social engagements and the sitting on the workbench prevented me...all has been going alright- the broken torch, on Thursday, minutes after all the shops closed and the fact that I couldn't manage to find faceted amethyst beads in the size i want, put aside- until this afternoon!
At first I did saw into I my nail--- TWICE. then I broke my 2 last drill bits, bad enough.
But wait I am not done: while polishing one piece I managed to catapult it into a finished one- which resulted in a dent, so I had to repolish it- and extra hour of work.
Oh but it gets better; then I after only polishing my finger I was finally done, all I had to do is string to the pendant and beads up. I had found Amethyst beads in the size I wanted finally- not facet ted and on just about enough for the piece. And guess what happened?! I dropped it, just as I was fastening the clasps on- The beads went ALL OVER my apartment and even though I have recovered most of them ( I think ), there aren't enough of them to make the chain the length I wanted! And oh, did I mention that it was the last one in stock?


Well, enough is enough!; I thought, dropped everything, washed my face (which is advisable after polishing) and went for coffee.
After a cup of Deluxe, I feel a bit better. But decided what I really need is a break- so my bench is cleaned up- and so am I, I am going to enjoy the Concert of the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra. What are you doing this evening?
Oh, and while enjoying my coffee- I remembered that there is another supplier on the other side of town, I am going there first thing tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow is my lucky day?

Visit the Enchanted Garden for more Desert Bloom photos.


avant garde design said...

such a funny story, well, not funny to you maybe but i like the way you write. :) is that piece below finished, it's gorgeous!!! if not i cannot wait to see the final project. you are so talented and patient to create such things. are you so lucky as well to be living where you do to find inspiration like that of that flower above? wow, amazing!

Julie said...

How beautiful. Polishing is just the icing on the cake...shows off everyting so nicely! Gorgeous peice! I'm keeping my fingers crossed on finding your beads!!!

Leenie said...

Always adventures in the creation of stuff. Tossing your beads and taking a spit bath in the polish sounds like quite an un boring day. Sometimes you just need to step away and get your head back on to realize the solution. Best wishes finding more beads for your project.

Karen M said...

You're right, sometimes its just time to take a break! After I have broken needles, thread snarls, and pieces sewn on upside down or backward, I usually try to get out in the garden. Hope the concert was fun.

Cindy said...

i loved your story and perseverance. the necklace looks lovely and so very polished. the photo is a beauty, too. hope your day was lucky. enjoy your weekend!

Liliana Lucki said...

Bello blog.Hermosas fotografías.


Desde Argentina,saluda Liliana.

nathalie et cetera said...

this piece is beautiful!

magnusmog said...

Definately time for a break!


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