Monday, November 2, 2009

Ravelry Update


October was not a very productive months in many ways- while in the social department lots happend not much was achieved knitting. My knitting mojo was really down but i finally managed to finish these

Pattern: Rivulets
Yarn: Nurturing Fibres Sock Wool
Needles: 2,5mm

These are my first toe-up socks. When I was nearly done I decided to make knee-highs. Made the following adjustments to the leg:
  • 9 repetitions: small size  pattern, then pick up stitches
  • 5 rep.: medium size, pick up stitches
  • 5 rep.: large size
I am pleased with the result and the fit, and looking forward to wearing them ( its too hot here at the moment)

A note on toe-ups. I never really understood the fuss about toe-up or cuff-down socks, and I still don't!. Found fitting the foot lengths tricky with toe-up. But making knee-highs is much easier toe-up. So both have its pro's and con's. What's your opinion on this?

PS: this isn't all  in the knitting department- there is more, will tell you about it in a few days!


Anairam said...

Yes, I bet you wish you were in the Northern Hemisphere for a little bit just to try out those beautiful socks! I would love something like this in a looooooong length, i.e. something that comes right over the knees. But that would probably need quite a lot of wool, especially since I have looooooooong legs!

strikk handknits said...

oh wow! i'm so impressed! well done. beautifully knitted. i wish i could knit socks. just to let you know, i'll be in cape town over december so hopefully there'll be a knit meet ;-)

painted fish studio said...

oooooo, hey are fabulous!

Carle said...

Yummy!!! they look so cute


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