Monday, November 2, 2009

Review of my Week


review of my week 44

this week was totally catch up week. been running around sorting admin- that i had neglected.
managed to go to clay cafe. which was so great- will try and incorporate a claycafe day again.
It was also a week full of knitting events- will post about it later. 
It looks like summer is already marching in to the cape. And even though I love summer- I feel a bit sad to see spring with its glory leave us. The grass i turning golden and many spring flowers have gone- but summer brings agapanthus and pool time! so I guess my sadness is short lived!

(ps its monday morning and i just couldn't be bothers with capital!)

happy monday!


Line said...

Summer oooh lovely these are beautiful flowers shots, thanks for your sweet comments, for the corner view the creator is her name is Jane I know she's on vacation, you can check Dana she hosting the corner view there a new theme each week!

Happy week!

Line said...

cool you finally have your blog list!!


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