Tuesday, November 3, 2009


pink bells



Kirstenbosch is definitely one of the best botanical gardens I have ever seen. Every time I go there I am astounded by its beauty and discover a new plant. The Cape is blessed with one of the most diverse Faunas in the world. I won't bore you with details and statistics, but I can tell you that it is impressive. As example there are several hundred different heathers around here...most of them only indigenous to the  Western Cape. The amazing thing is that Kirstenbosch manages to do it justice. 


It has become one of my favourite spots in the Cape- oh no, let me correct that- the World!

blue blossoms

Which Botanical Gardens do you adore?

(J'adore is my ode to Cape Town, I want to highlights the things I love about my city of choice)


Pragya said...

What lovely flowers!!
I can imagine why its your fav place :D

e said...

oooooh. i just love love love these, especially the second one. i've not met a botanical garden i didn't like yet, although i am partial to the oregon garden out in this part of the world.

your posts frequently remind me that south africa is definitely on my list of places i must go!

Cindy said...

my favorite is wave hill on the hudson river in the bronx. it's small and feels like we're visiting a friends estate. it also always has something interesting to see regardless of the season. i love your photos. you always have the most interesting flowers.

please sir said...

Beautiful photographs!


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