Friday, October 2, 2009



The moment is treasure most in life are those

when my deepest part in my souls is moved by the light reflecting on the water, the petal move in the wind- totally aware and absolutely amazed
when I am like a rock washed over by the weaves of life seemingly unaffected, secretly knowing that I'm polished into something beautiful
when I am able to create something meaningful, deep from my heart - and hopefully a little treasure
when I am aware of who is with me treasuring their special gift and qualities
when time stands still for a moment , noticing that each moment is perfect in it self
when I am content and still- completely in balance with the world around me
when I am with the ones I love

those are true moments of happiness- the moments that create memories which I treasure for the rest of my life!

Wanna go on a treasure hunt with me?! Find more treasure here: Anairam, Aimee, Line, e, nathalie et cetera, Fruenswerk


Line said...

lovely words I know just what you mean, beautiful pictures too, thanks to you the week word was amazing!!!

nathalie et cetera said...

yes memories are our most precious treasures. lovely photos.

yoon see said...

Great treasure and I love your beautiful write out sharing your love on this topic:)

aimee said...

this is a precious post l'atelier... and i will get to weekword but i'm running a few days behind. maybe tomorrow (sunday)... :)

t does wool said...

beautiful,beautiful words Asiye...
and such a lovely photo mix.

Cindy said...

this is one of your most beautiful posts. the words and images are so beatufiul. i will take you up on the offer and post a week word tomorrow!

Lotte said...

Such nice treasures...and a great weekword :))))

Anairam said...

Your treasures are beautiful! And the jewellery! I hope to see more of it!

Valentina Harper said...

snif, snig, I missed other weekword! I have to back on track soon ;)
*BEAUTIFUL* treasures!


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