Thursday, October 1, 2009

today at the l'atelier residence


12.30: I decided to 'shave' of the piles of the cardigans I washed yesterday, before packing them away into the wardrobe 

12.31: get batteries, get it going

12.35: realise that it doesn't seem to do much- shake it and try again

12.38: still doesn't seem to make much of a difference, so empty out the fluff container- try again

12.45: no difference, put it on and off- about ahm, allot of times

12.46: looking for the manual

12.47: after a short while decided that its silly and i should just take the thing apart

12.49: trying a last time before looking for a screwdriver

12.50: noticing that there is no new fluff in the container- hhhhuuuuuu?! its not working at all? sigh* off to look for the slip

12.54: after i found slip, trying a LAST time before returning it- thinking I need a coffee

12.56: noticing that the little protector cap is still on it


(and there goes my reputation for technical brilliance - and  I for coffee!)


Jesse said...

That's so like something I would do!

Anairam said...

Oh, this is very funny!! I do something similar with our salt grinder, which has a transparent perspex cap. I will grind away, nothing getting onto the plate, grind away again, shake the thing, grind again, mutter "what is WRONG with this ^*^&(% shaker" and then I will notice the cap is still on. Then I take the cap off, shaker still upside down, and two tablespoons worth of salt pours down on my plate. Despite this having happened several times, I STILL get caught.

nathalie et cetera said...

HA ha ha!sounds like something I could do.


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