Thursday, September 10, 2009


Pinks & Blue



my colour of the day


what's yours?


Jhoanna Herrera said...

That first picture is beautiful.

You definitely made my colour of the day pink too.

avant garde design said...

oooh, are those leaves in that first photo? not flowers? amazing color. we don't get leaves that pink in my area...super stunning. have a happy weekend painting or knitting or photographing more beauty in your area! :)

Cindy said...

it would be pink! i love your pretty blooms. enjoy your weekend!

Anairam said...

My colour today is grey - but that is just because it is raining and the skies are grey. Actually, I am going to make it pink too - a much happier colour, reminding me that spring will be here soon! (But not today, that much is clear).

Cindy said...

your absence this week has been noticed. hope you are well!

Valentina Harper said...

Oohhh.. I never have been a pink girl, but after these pictures, I have to do something with pink!
Soo beautiful :)

Line said...

ooh I love all that pink simply gorgeous!!!


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